Sanctuaire, a Moderne Bohême textile company, was founded by textile designer Makala Williams. Makala longed to manifest her childhood dream of owning a home décor accessories shoppe, and Sanctuaire was birthed out of a heartfelt passion for design, culture and the blissful union of human connection. 

Named for Makala’s enchanted garden lanai, with a distinctly French flair, Sanctuaire opened its doors at the onset of the 2020, COVID-19 pandemic.

A devoted wife and mother of two prodigious babies, Makala initially established Sanctuaire intent upon leaving an inheritance for her children — resolving to alleviate the arduous task of building wealth for future generations of her family. But she quickly realized that she was on to something much bigger than her own personal intentions — she had been entrusted with a business that would generate wealth, not only for her family, but for many people in communities around the world. As Makala continues to build her empire, she is unrelenting in her resolve to hasten the economic empowerment of women, the underrepresented and trauma survivors.  

At Sanctuaire, we seek to impress a lasting fingerprint among the most sacred of places, your home. We believe home should be a reflection of your lifestyle, interests and passions. Let your home tell its own story by integrating pieces that you love, you feel and yearn for.   

Our moderne approach to branding a bohême lifestyle collection allows our customer to embrace her individuality, while infusing a style all her own. For her, Sanctuaire is symbolic of a meandering path — a source of creative imagination — an inner corridor where she explores and discovers her authentic self.  

We proudly cater to self-assured women — upscale, enlightened and visionary.

~Xx, S A N C T U A I R E